is a powerful desktop Unified Communications application specifically designed to take your business communications to a whole new level by tightly integrating with PBXware, our VoIP Telephony Platform. Its main purpose is to simplify and enhance your day-to-day communication and collaboration experience.

It packs everything you need for a successful collaboration with your staff including IP Phone integration, Softphone, Messaging, Conferencing, CRM access, Faxing, File transfer functionality and much more.


gloCOM meeting is a gloCOM Module that allows any user to set up meetings without the hassle of switching applications. With access to all of your gloCOM contacts you can start collaborating with a single click.

gloCOM meeting allows you to meet with multiple users simultaneously, while offering: Video Conferencing – in grid and speaker view, Audio Conferencing.

SMS Feature

With SMS, users can send and receive text messages from their desktop application gloCOM using the icon in their Desktop application module tab.  

This new feature also sends status updates as an SMS message, for example if the text was delivered or read. Supervisors have access to the MDR (Message Detail Record) in PBXware. They can keep track of the incoming and outgoing messages all in one place! Having the MDR makes it easier for providers to bill directly.   

Unified Communications on Desktop & Mobile

Designed to provide business users with a set of Unified Communications features and benefits capable of transforming a companies communications system into a real powerhouse, Communicator is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Linux.

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Online Presence
CRM integration

Dive into Unified Communications universe through VorTex AIR

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Unified communication technology for multiple virtual IP PBXs on a single instance


Provides features required by today's demanding communications needs that all businesses face.

Contact Center

PBXware Contact Center edition offers a set of features needed for an organization to effectively start and manage inbound call campaigns.

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