Municipal / State / Federal

The government of any country has enough to worry about without dealing with a communications system. Governments provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable bodies of state, necessitating a simple and easy-to-use solution that works quickly and effortlessly.

VorTex VT can work with governments in several nations to implement communications solutions that are sophisticated and feature-rich under-the-hood, but so simple on the surface that they work seamlessly.


Solutions for healthcare providers must be capable of handling high volumes of calls quickly and efficiently. Often, the solution will be a call center software specifically designed for inbound and outbound call campaigns.

VorTex VT equipped a hospital in the Houston, TX with a robust call center solution. 

Prison Service

While the communicating requirements of prisons are similar to call shops, there are a few vital differences. We understand the delicacy of prison systems and the need for call monitoring, prepaid minutes, and even security.

VorTex VT developed a custom prison communications solution specifically. It allows inmates to keep in touch with family via prepaid vouchers, supports prison staff as they endeavor to maintain utmost security and control, and reduces the presence of illegal cell phones within prisons.

Complete Solution


Unified communication technology for multiple virtual IP PBXs on a single instance


Provides features required by today's demanding communications needs that all businesses face.

Contact Center

PBXware Contact Center edition offers a set of features needed for an organization to effectively start and manage inbound call campaigns.

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