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It’s possible that because we have been there our heart resides with Small and Medium Businesses. We understand there is no time and it has to work, but the cost must also be kept reasonable. We know that success is possible only if we have the competitive edge over the big guys out there. Small business communications are the best place to start.

We also know that growth can happen which translates to flexibility. Of utmost importance is to know that each business is unique and that software must be configurable so that the solution is bespoke to the requirement within an off-the-shelf costing.

This tendency is not slowing down either. The need to have better visibility of the business, more mobility and even more ways to communicate keeps increasing. VorTex VT remains committed to unifying these technologies as they evolve so that Small and Medium businesses may be run better everywhere.

Complete Solution


Unified communication technology for multiple virtual IP PBXs on a single instance


Provides features required by today's demanding communications needs that all businesses face.

Contact Center

PBXware Contact Center edition offers a set of features needed for an organization to effectively start and manage inbound call campaigns.

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